Sun-Safe & Styling!

Girl's sun hat pink cotton with a pink flowerSummer is here and boy it is getting warm out there! But even when it may not be HOT out doesn’t mean your baby can’t be burned by the sun. The sun’s UV rays can still quickly cause damage to your baby’s sensitive skin. Keeping your son and daughter safe from the sun is important and Kay Boutique has the hats and kid’s sunglasses that will keep everyone cool and safe this summer. We have adorable cotton sun hats in a variety of colors and designs. The soft chin strap ensures a comfortable and secure fit. Any time you venture outside this summer, make sure your baby girl’s head is covered with a sun hat. Enhance her sun hat with one of our many crystal center flowers for an extra color splash!

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5 Helpful Tips to Protect Your Baby From the Sun

1. Dress your baby properly.

Even when it’s hot outside cover your baby’s arms and legs in lightweight, light-colored clothing. Use fabrics with a tight weave.  Keep a sun-protective change of clothing in your car or diaper bag in case you are caught outside on a sunny day. Sun hats are very important for babies to wear.

2. Toss on a hat.

Regardless of the amount of hair your baby has, a sun hat is essential. Use one with a wide brim for neck and ear protection. Ideally, you want something large enough to shade the face.

3. UV-protective sunglasses.

Some parents have a hard time getting their child to wear sunglasses. If your baby is old enough, he might be able to grasp the benefit of eye covering. Tell the girls how cute and the boys how cool they look with their sunglasses on! Remember our sunglasses are both FDA approved and UV400.

4. Stay out of the sun.

Right… like you’re only ever going to venture outside when the sun isn’t up. I know it’s an impossible thing to do, but just try to keep sun exposure to a minimum. Baby skin is still delicate and especially susceptible to sun damage. When you do have to go outside, keep your trips to the mornings or evenings when it’s cooler and sun’s intensity is limited.

5. Use sunscreen generously.

You’re looking for a “broad spectrum” sunscreen and it should say this on the bottle. This means it protects against both UVA and UVB rays.  Apply the lotion 15 to 30 minutes before you head outdoors and reapply at least every 2 hours. Make sure to cover your baby’s tops of the ears, back of the neck, hands, and feet. If you take your baby into the water, reapply the sunscreen as soon as she/he is dry.

Be aware of the sunscreen’s expiration date. The active ingredients can lose effectiveness over time.

What other ways do you suggest that we keep children safe from the sun?

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