5 Valentine’s Day Goodies at Little Girl Mart

There’s still time to dress your little girl up for Valentine’s Day using Little Girl Mart items. With so many options, we wanted to take some time to share them with you.

bubblegum-pink-tulle#1: Tutu

We have many tutus available for sale. You can choose the style and color you love the most. We have the widest selection of them online!

Making a tutu is easy too with our tulle. Simply use the instructions in our blog for a tutu you can sew or the no-sew option. You can make them as puffy as you want to, and the colors are vibrant – perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Tip: Did you know we have tutu tops? They are perfect to use with one of our tutus or one you make yourself. Check them out here.

#2: Bows

Bows are so cute on little girls. You can either choose one of the many bows we have available on our Bows page, or you can create one yourself. We have bows without embellishments, and then you can simply place the decorations as you would like on them. You could even do it together with your little girl, so she can feel proud she made her own bows.

Check out our embellishments page right here. You will find many that you can use to create beautiful bows for your little girl and all of her friends.

Hot-pink-heart-ruffles#3: Leg Warmers

It’s still winter (even though the groundhog has predicted an early spring!), so leg warmers are still needed. Choose from the many styles and colors we have available. You can put them on with bloomers or with a skirt. They are so cute that you’ll want to take tons of pictures of her in them.

Leg warmers aren’t just for little girls. Many tweens and teens use them as well. They simply don’t cover all of the leg, but the bottom part up to the knee. They are still a stylish way to stay warm!

Valentines-Day_Photo#4: Bloomer Set

Speaking of bloomers, we have great bloomer sets. You can purchase one of our amazingly beautiful bloomers that come with a bow. She will look so darling with her matching diaper cover and bow! Many of our customers end up using them for professional photo shoots.

You don’t have to use the bloomer set together. You can always separate them to use the bow with another outfit and then bloomer another time. You will definitely get your use out of them.

#5: Jewelry

Girls love their jewelry even when they are itty bitty. We have many options when it comes to necklaces and bracelets, so stop by our jewelry page. Your little girl would love a complete jewelry set for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a day for appreciating the people you love in your life. Your little girl is one of those people. As you celebrate this day, consider shopping at Little Girl Mart. You still have time to choose an outfit or accessories to make her look so cute on this special day. If you’re looking for a gift, the bows and jewelry would be perfect. Even little girls love to get jewelry for Valentine’s Day!

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Themed Leg Warmers

We love St. Patrick’s Day at Little Girl Mart! To commemorate this fun, Irish holiday, we have a huge assortment of St. Patrick’s Day leg warmers for you.

Leg warmers are perfect for March. You can wear them to warm your legs as you are out in your festive green and white outfit. We all know that many parts of the country are still cool, so these leg warmers allow you to wear your favorite St. Patrick’s outfit without feeling the chill.

Our leg warmers are for all ages from babies to adults. Since they are all one size fits all, babies end up with them covering their entire leg, while adults have them cover from their knee to ankle.

You’ll want to match our St. Patrick’s Day themed leg warmers with everything in your closet. We have so many to choose from at such low prices that you won’t blink an eye, as you add each one of our varieties to your cart.

Choose from black and green, white and green, or mostly green. With so many patterns, you’ll have more fun showing off your leg warmers than your outfit.

These are just some of the many we’ve recently added to our line of leg warmers:

shamrock-black-green-legwarmerspuffy-white-green legwarmerswhite-argyle-green-legwarmers


To see all of the ones we have available, visit our store.

Leg Warmer Ideas

Many people purchase leg warmers to either show off their style or warm their legs. We have heard people using them for other reasons, though. We thought they were so great; we wanted to give everyone the ideas.

Sports Teams – Show your team spirit by purchasing one of our St. Patrick’s Day themed leg warmers for each member of your sports team. You can then wear them on or close to St. Patrick’s Day to show your pride.

Organizations – Leg warmers are perfect for organizations who want to show comradery. Simply purchase a few different styles or just one, and then hand them out during an event or office party.

Gymnastics Teams – Leotards come in many different colors and patterns. You can bring some added flair to them by adding leg warmers. They are perfect for team spirit and for going to and from competitions.

Dancers – You have competitions and recitals to attend where your legs get pretty chilly. Use these St. Patrick’s Day leg warmers to keep them warm and stylish. Get everyone together to wear the same ones. You’ll love the way you guys will look in a picture!

Reunions – Everyone usually designs shirts for reunions, but we think everyone wearing the same legwarmers would be just as good. This is especially a great idea for Irish families getting together for all of the festivities.

You will love shopping for our St. Patty’s Day leg warmers. Go ahead and start browsing our selection. Always remember, everything we sell is made of high-quality material. We also pay for the shipping if your order is $50+. It’s just what we do because we want you to benefit from all of the beautiful products we have available.

Wishing you a fun, safe St. Patrick’s Day!

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Bloomer and Headband Sets – For Every Special Little Girl

We love our bloomer and headband sets, and we know you will too when you see how incredibly cute they are for your little girl.

About BloomersRosette-Bloomer

Bloomers are covers for diapers. Usually, people hide diapers with pants, but there really is no need to do that when you have bloomers. This is especially true during the weather months, which will come, trust us…

Bloomers fit comfortably over diapers and around the legs. They sometimes have ruffles on the back, so when your little girl is crawling it looks so pretty and cute.

When you need to change a diaper, all you have to do is easily take the bloomer off, and change the diaper. When you’re ready, you just slide the bloomer back on again.

People will love to see your little on in a bloomer, and will probably ask where you got it. You can always let them know right here at Little Girl Mart. We have the best selection of bloomers online, and our prices are lower than most of the other big name websites you have probably seen them on.

Metallic-Soft-Pink-Bloomer-SetAbout Headbands

Headbands aren’t used to style a baby’s hair, but it does style their head. They look adorable with a matching bloomer, which is why we are featuring that today.

With the bloomer on, you can match it with a headband in the same color. Since we have many styles, you can even choose the same style such as satin. The following are some of the bright bloomer and headband sets we have that are becoming our most popular ones.


How to Use the Bloomer and Headband Sets


You can use them for whatever you like, but here are our suggestions:

  • Set up a portrait session with your little girl and have her in a bloomer and headband set. You may be able to find matching shoes, which will really make her look cute.
  • It’s the perfect outfit for a party in the summer time. She will be all dolled up for her grand entrance.
  • Birthdays are great times to have this bloomer and headband set. First birthdays are particularly great because you don’t have to worry about the cake getting on a shirt.
  • Speaking of smash cakes, you can get some really great pictures with your little girl doing the smash cake in this bloomer and headband set.

While we like the two together, you can always use the separately. You can use the headband when it’s a tad too cold out to wear the bloomer. You can use the bloomer when you feel the bow is just a little too much for the event you’re attending.

Be creative when using this set. It really is great for just about anywhere you go or whatever you do.

Always remember – At Kay Boutique, we are committed to bringing you the best quality in products for the best prices. Browse our page of bloomers and headbands. You can even create some of your own sets by choosing an individual bloomer and then a headband. The choice is yours, so have fun!

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Warm, Fashionable Leg Warmers for a Chilly Winter

We’re excited to announce we have leg warmers! These cute girls’ leg warmers are perfect for toddlers, tweens and teens. With many styles and colors to choose from, you can choose as many as you need for every holiday, event, or outfit in your girl’s closet.

We have the largest selection of leg warmers for girls online. We supply cheerleading team, sports teams, and thousands of business owners who find our accessories perfect for their stores.

You can now take advantage of our wholesale leg warmers!

Why Choose Our Leg Warmers

We care about the quality of our leg warmers. Each one is made with soft, stretchy material, so your girls won’t feel itchy. All they will feel is the comfort and warmth when they wear them.

We have all of our leg warmers available, so you don’t have to wait long to receive them. As soon as you place your order, we work quickly to fill it. All you have to do is wait for the delivery time you choose for your order.

We are a business that wants to make you happy. If you ever have any concerns or questions, you can always contact us. We would love to help you get the most out of our purchases.

Our Most Popular Styles

We have many styles, but we want to share our most popular ones here.girls legwarmers

This is our Cute as a Bug Baby Leg Warmers. You won’t have to worry about your baby being cold when you have her in these. You can use them with a skirt, so her legs don’t get cold outside.


stripe girls legwarmersThis Red White and Blue Ruffle Leg Warmers Red Chevron is great for Fourth of July, Veteran’s Day, and with uniforms of the same colors. They are perfect for cheerleaders or those who just want to show their American pride. If you don’t like this particular design, don’t worry; we have many more available on our legwarmers page.


st patricks legwarmersThe St. Patrick’s Day Legwarmers Green and White Argyle with Chiffon Ruffles are fancy, so many girls where them with a green skirt on St. Patrick’s Day. We do have another one for this holiday without the argyle – St. Patrick’s Day Legwarmers White with Green Shamrocks and Chiffon Ruffles.


baseball girls leg warmersDo you have a girl who loves baseball or maybe softball? These legwarmers are perfect! She will look ready to play when she walks onto the field in these leg warmers. We also have White Baseball Legwarmers for girls, if you like more white than red.

Cute, Affordable and Useful for All the Girls in Your Life

Our leg warmers are affordable – just $6.95 and $4.95. That means you can purchase some for every girl in your house and life. They make perfect gifts for birthdays or just because. Since they are all one size fits all, you can purchase them without worry they won’t fit.

Head over to our girls legwarmers page now. We look forward to seeing you in our high quality, low priced legwarmers. Always available at Kay Boutique!


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Pretty Girl Jewelry for Every Little Princess

Every little girl wants to be just like her mommy. Little girls want to get dressed up just like mommy and they want to put on pretty jewelry. This is why we have added a new product line to Little Girl Mart – jewelry.

We have a great assortment of jewelry for your little girl, and there’s much more on the way! Be sure to come back to our Jewelry page often to see what’s new.

In the meantime, we’d like to give you a peak of what we have to offer you.

First up is our jewel pendant. This is perfect with a red dress. The black corded necklace does come with the pendant. It is made of soft, non-itchy material, so your girl can wear it comfortably. This one also comes in pink.Red-Pendant

We also have necklace and bracelet sets, which makes perfect gifts. You can choose from different styles and colors. This one shown here is one of our most popular because most little girls adore pink. These have a chain with closure, so they will fit onto your daughter’s wrist and around her neck easily and comfortably.Necklace-Bracelet Set

Bracelets, like the one shown here, are also available. The pendants are beautiful, and will surely make her squeal. Just picture her putting it on her little wrist and then holding it out to admire how beautiful it looks – it will be a memory you will treasure forever. Like the others, we will have many styles and colors available.
BraceletMommy’s Little Girl or Daddy’s Little Girl necklaces are some of our best sellers too. Who doesn’t want to stake their claim on their daughter? Now, you can do it in style with these beautiful necklaces. These come with a chain and closure making it easy for fastening and removing.Mommy

Pendants are something little girls love because they are like little toys they wear around their neck. Our pendants are made of strong clay, so they don’t get damaged as the wearer plays on the playground. You can place them on any chain you desire to make a necklace or bracelet perfect.


Affordable Little Girl Necklaces and Bracelets

What you’ll love even more about these necklaces and bracelets is how affordable they are. The pendants are just under $4, and the necklaces range from $7 to $10. You can get a great deal when you buy the necklace and bracelet sets, which are just under $11.

You can’t find these prices many places, and the quality is top notch.

Ways to Use the Necklaces and Bracelets

The first day of preschool or kindergarten will be a beautiful success when your little girl can get dressed up with these necklaces and bracelets. Watch her have all of the confidence she needs when she walks into school knowing she looks just as pretty as her mommy.

Since the pendants are only about $4 each, consider buying a few of them, so your little girl can choose which one she wants to wear. She will love picking it out to complement her outfit for the day.

Don’t forget birthday gifts for your little girl’s friends. A necklace and bracelet set is a perfect present! It’s easy too, so no rushing around trying to figure out what you’re going to get her.

Pictures will look lovely with these little girl chunky necklaces and bracelet. Match up the outfit, and the pictures will look beautiful.

A Word of Caution

While we do our best to make all of our jewelry child-proof, please do not use them on children under the age of three. The small beads can be a choking hazard for them.

In addition, please do not allow your little girl to sleep with the necklace around her neck. While they do fit loosely around the neck, it can snag on something or just twist in a way that could harm them.

Purchase a Little Girl Necklace, Bracelet, and Pendant

You will love our jewelry on your little girl. Add a girl necklace, bracelet, and/or pendant to your cart now.

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Girl’s Glamorous Summer Styles on Sale 10%-50% Off!

summer-hat-sale-50-off-300x300 The warm weather is upon us in full swing and so are summer styles! Keep your daughter’s beautiful face safe from the sun’s harsh rays with a glamorous hat. We have some of the cutest hats for girls! Right now we are running a mega sale on hats. For a short time we are offering you half off, yep 50% off every single one of our girl hats!

Jlittle-girl-toddler-pink-fedoraust remember to use your coupon codes:
lgm10 & hat50
to get 50% off!

Some hats as low as $.73!

We LOVE the Pink Toddler Fedoras!

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The Straw Hats are a HOT Pick Too!

floppy_sun_hatsSummer is a beautiful time of year and it makes people want to dress up! Dress up your new Pink Floppy Sun Hat with a beautiful flower. Remember to be careful of that bright sun out there! Those UV rays can be very harmful to your daughters eyes. Blue eyes are the most sensitive to the sun. Shield her with Glamorous Glasses! Little Girl Mart offers different styles and colors to match every outfit your daughter wears.

Stay Sun Safe and Shine with Style!

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Little Girl Sunglasses are only $.89! All of our sunglasses offer UV400 protection, are lead free and FDA approved. These sunglasses feature a chic curved design that many celebrities wear. Her new glamorous glasses will allow her to see clearly in the bright outdoors. Use the coupon code: wsg10 for an extra 10% off!

See All Sunglasses Here


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