Cute and Trendy Pacifier Clips at Little Girl Mart

Pacifier Clips

Baby Products are ton of fun and Pacifier Clips are no exception! Let’s take a closer look and discover why pacifier clips really are popular.

Cute and Trendy Pacifier Clips

Pacifier Clips come in a large assortment of different styles, colors, materials and options. We offer fabric pacifier clips that have a clip on one side and a band on the opposite end.  Our baby pacifier clips are both practical and fashionable and all under $1.50.

You will find many prints and color options at Little Girl Mart.


Floral Print

Checkered Print

Owl Print

Polka Dot

Aztec Prints

Bandana Prints

Damask Prints

Sports Themed

4th of July

Watch for new incoming clips. Little Girl Mart adds new products that you do not want to miss.

Form and Function of Pacifier Clips

These simple gadgets are a great invention! While they are cute and trendy they have a valuable function. They help keep your babies’ pacifiers clean and close by. Many babies love to make a game out of tossing the pacifier on to the floor and just at the right time. You know, when you’re at the grocery store or in a restaurant or trying to hurry and get where you need to be going! The clip is a great way to save your back. Not to mention avoiding the zillions of who knows what creepy crawlies that can climb aboard when the paci hits the floor. Yuck!

How to Use a Pacifier Clip.Pacifier-Clips-Red-White-Blue

Follow these quick steps to get started.

1 – Guide the elastic band through the opening of the pacifier.

2 – Loop the clip through the opening and pull snug.

3 – Open the clip.

4 – Guide the clip over the article (clothing, blanket) and position the clip firmly.

5 – Push or pinch the top and bottom of the clip closed and check to make sure the clip is firmly attached.

Do you have an online business, eBay, Amazon or Etsy store? Consider selling our fabric paci clips. They are a very popular item to sell and the profits are worth your while.

If you have any questions or would like more information on bulk orders, we are here to help! You can contact us at 406-222-4853 or


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