Bridal Halo Tutorial…Creative options to personalize

Bridal Halo…Creative options to personalize yours…

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Little Girl Mart sells the perfect bridal halo for that special occasion.  The band is wrapped in satin with a tail of shear, satin ribbons.  Topping the bridal halo are delicate white satin roses, intertwined with green leaves and lace ruffles.  When this elegant beauty arrives, you will notice it is carefully packaged.  There may be a few bends or folds in the ribbon or lace.  This is normal during packaging and shipping.  You can easily allow your ribbon and lace to relax after removing your halo from the package, but sometimes, you want to get a unique look.  We are going to look at some creative options to personalize your Little Girl Mart Bridal Halo once your package arrives at your doorstep. Now, don’t be afraid to think of other ideas that we haven’t shown you.  Share them with us in our comment box or on our Facebook page!  We would love to hear from you.


We wanted to give some creative ideas to fluff, curl or straiten your Halo.  Remove from the package and allow for time to relax.  You may even want to hang your halo in a steamed bathroom.  Gently pulling the bent areas to a form that is pleasing to you.  We have some other ideas to help achieve the look you want.  Keep reading to find out!

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Step 1:

If placing your halo in a steamed bathroom doesn’t work to your liking, consider using a hair straitening tool or an iron.  The heat will need to be kept on low.  This is so important!  You don’t want to damage the ribbon.  It will not take long to flatten and achieve a beautiful, strait, flowing look.  Keep your halo on a hanger to maintain your hard work.


Step 2:

When the big day arrives you may decide that putting some curls in the ribbon is just the look you want.  We used a standard hair curling iron.  Friendly reminder: make sure that your heat is turned low!  Gently grab the end of the ribbon between the hot iron and curl just as if you were curling your hair.  Be careful not to burn yourself!  Although if you do, put some Lavender essential oil on the area and you will began to feel relief soon!  I know from experience.  You may choose to curl all the ribbons, only the shear, or only the satin.  Whatever floats your boat in this case will be perfect.

It is looking even more beautiful!


Steps 3-5:

Now, here is where the real creativity comes in.  We first chose to use Wholesale Girls 2 inch Mini Crystal Daisy in Chocolate Brown.  You will need at least 5-7 daisy’s for a finished look.  Do a mock trial and see where you would like each flower placed.  Using a hot glue gun, put a dab of glue on the halo band in the spot you would like the flower.  Continue this throughout the remainder of the band.

Multiple flowers are one option or you may just want one accent flower.  In this case, we chose to use a 6 1/2 inch Peony Bloom in Chocolate Brown for the job.  Again, choose the area you want to place it first and then dab the band with glue to secure the flower.

Another decorative option is adding colored tulle or ribbon to your halo ribbon tail.  Gently place you finger under the flower all the ribbon is currently attached to.  Simply pull the flower and ribbon away from the band.  Next, pull all the ribbon through and separate the entire ribbon bunch from the halo.  One flower should remain attached to a ribbon.  We added a pale pink Tulle for our color theme.  Reattach the ribbon and added tulle to you band.  Look for other Tulle color options including sparkle and glitter Tulle to finish off this look at Wholesale Girls.  I just thought of another one we haven’t tried…a Feather accent!  See what I tell ya, there is so many options!


Look at our sister store, Wholesale Girls! We offer a variety of flower and tulle colors to match any wedding theme.

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The possibilities are endless!






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