Happy Mardi Gras!

MARDI GRAS — MARCH 4th, 2014 For Mardi Gras in Louisiana the official colors are purple, green and gold. Purple symbolizes justice, green stands for faith, and gold represents power. Find unique items from Little Girl Mart to celebrate this holiday in-style! Green = Faith Sequin Bow and Rhinestone Embellishment with Lime Green Nagorie Curly Feather Headband $3.97 […]

Little Girl Mart’s Favorite Photos

If you haven’t noticed there are two new category bars on the Little Girl Mart landing page — Blog and Favorite Photos! Favorite Photos is a place to showcase your favorite items and outfits from Little Girl Mart! E-mail photos to ask@kayboutique.com or post to our Little Girl Mart Facebook page. Thank You! We are so happy our customers want to share their photos […]

Matching Outfits for Girls & Dolls

Dear Annabelle, I absolutely love your products!! I subscribe to your email announcements and saw that your store is now selling Doll Clothes or matching clothes that my daughter can wear when she’s playing dress up with her dolls. Can you tell me more about these? What sizes do they fit? Can I use coupon […]

Attention all Earth Angels – Happy Love Day!

Earth Angels are of all ages and today Little Girl Mart highlights this! We know that as a mother or big sister you are the role model, mentor, best friend and more to the little girl in your life. We encourage you to celebrate being a positive influence to those you love! Use our Pre-Teen to Adult […]

Enchanted Fairy Garden Party

So its time to turn your local park or backyard garden into an enchanted wonderland for you little one’s special day; setting up a few simple props and accessories can lead their imagination to flow to a place where magic happens!! I could easily get lost in a day dream about fairies in an enchanted forest (as I’m sure […]

Diva Feather Trees Bedroom Decor

Keep your little girls accessories organized and on display with a 16 Inch Diva Feather Tree. This item is perfect for a playroom, bedroom or bathroom! Showcase her accessories with this alternative to a jewelry box. Both practical and decorative, Little Girl Mart’s stylish Diva Feather Trees offer a fun way for storing and organizing flower hair clips and hair bows with clips. Our Diva Feather Trees turn an everyday hair bow into a decoration when […]