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Hi readers! 

It has been a while since Little Girl Mart has put up a blog post, but don’t worry, many more are coming your way! Today I thought it would be a good idea to write a little about us and what we do and who is behind the scenes at LGM headquarters! 

First of all, one fun fact about us is that we are located in Livingston, Montana! Yes, Montana! And no, we don’t ride our horses to work!

I am sure many of you haven’t heard of Livingston, Montana, but I bet a few more of you have heard of Yellowstone National Park. Now that we’ve got your attention, Little Girl Mart’s distribution center, founder, and small retail location are all located about 60 miles from Yellowstone National Park which in Montana travelling time, is only about an hour! Aren’t we so lucky? Feel free to come visit us on your next vacation.


Bridger Mountains


If you’d like to check out some awesome scenery in and around Livingston check out this YouTube video

Now that you know where we are shipping your items from, let’s see who has been shipping your items!



                    Kena is the glue of LGM! She is the shipping queen and customer service pro!

                   She also greets our retail customers and keeps our warehouse super organized.

Who knows where we would be without her! 




Our fearless photographer and creative mind! She is a great kid wrangler and even better kid photographer.


Jay (not pictured)

Jay is our webdesign pro! 


Katie (that’s me)


I am in charge of marketing duties and design many of our ads, and I get to do cool posts like this one. 

I also get to give away a lot of free stuff… so be nice to me.


Mark (not pictured)

Our warehouse main man!


Kaley, Syera & Melvin


Last, but definitely not least, is the family of entrepreneurs that made LGM possible!

Kaley works hard every day to bring in and design new products with the help and supervision of her daughter

(and our top model) Syera.



Melvin (not pictured) is always conned into helping us with many (sometimes girly) tasks but never complains.


We love working together and working to bring you a great assortment of boutique styles!

If you ever need to reach us, please call us, email us, or Facebook us!  

Excellent customer service where you can talk to a real-live person!

Customer Service Hours:

M-F 9am – 5pm (MST)

(406) 222- 4853

email: ask@kayboutique.com


Bridal Halo Tutorial…Creative options to personalize

Bridal Halo…Creative options to personalize yours…

bridal-halobridal-haloBridal-Halo-close-up-2-Black Circle Frame

Little Girl Mart sells the perfect bridal halo for that special occasion.  The band is wrapped in satin with a tail of shear, satin ribbons.  Topping the bridal halo are delicate white satin roses, intertwined with green leaves and lace ruffles.  When this elegant beauty arrives, you will notice it is carefully packaged.  There may be a few bends or folds in the ribbon or lace.  This is normal during packaging and shipping.  You can easily allow your ribbon and lace to relax after removing your halo from the package, but sometimes, you want to get a unique look.  We are going to look at some creative options to personalize your Little Girl Mart Bridal Halo once your package arrives at your doorstep. Now, don’t be afraid to think of other ideas that we haven’t shown you.  Share them with us in our comment box or on our Facebook page!  We would love to hear from you.


We wanted to give some creative ideas to fluff, curl or straiten your Halo.  Remove from the package and allow for time to relax.  You may even want to hang your halo in a steamed bathroom.  Gently pulling the bent areas to a form that is pleasing to you.  We have some other ideas to help achieve the look you want.  Keep reading to find out!

Bridal-Halo-Step-1-Black Circle Frame



Step 1:

If placing your halo in a steamed bathroom doesn’t work to your liking, consider using a hair straitening tool or an iron.  The heat will need to be kept on low.  This is so important!  You don’t want to damage the ribbon.  It will not take long to flatten and achieve a beautiful, strait, flowing look.  Keep your halo on a hanger to maintain your hard work.


Step 2:

When the big day arrives you may decide that putting some curls in the ribbon is just the look you want.  We used a standard hair curling iron.  Friendly reminder: make sure that your heat is turned low!  Gently grab the end of the ribbon between the hot iron and curl just as if you were curling your hair.  Be careful not to burn yourself!  Although if you do, put some Lavender essential oil on the area and you will began to feel relief soon!  I know from experience.  You may choose to curl all the ribbons, only the shear, or only the satin.  Whatever floats your boat in this case will be perfect.

It is looking even more beautiful!


Steps 3-5:

Now, here is where the real creativity comes in.  We first chose to use Wholesale Girls 2 inch Mini Crystal Daisy in Chocolate Brown.  You will need at least 5-7 daisy’s for a finished look.  Do a mock trial and see where you would like each flower placed.  Using a hot glue gun, put a dab of glue on the halo band in the spot you would like the flower.  Continue this throughout the remainder of the band.

Multiple flowers are one option or you may just want one accent flower.  In this case, we chose to use a 6 1/2 inch Peony Bloom in Chocolate Brown for the job.  Again, choose the area you want to place it first and then dab the band with glue to secure the flower.

Another decorative option is adding colored tulle or ribbon to your halo ribbon tail.  Gently place you finger under the flower all the ribbon is currently attached to.  Simply pull the flower and ribbon away from the band.  Next, pull all the ribbon through and separate the entire ribbon bunch from the halo.  One flower should remain attached to a ribbon.  We added a pale pink Tulle for our color theme.  Reattach the ribbon and added tulle to you band.  Look for other Tulle color options including sparkle and glitter Tulle to finish off this look at Wholesale Girls.  I just thought of another one we haven’t tried…a Feather accent!  See what I tell ya, there is so many options!


Look at our sister store, Wholesale Girls! We offer a variety of flower and tulle colors to match any wedding theme.

Don’t forget to share your ideas on our Facebook Page!

The possibilities are endless!






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Inspiring Baby Girl Swimsuits and Toddler Girl Swimsuits

Inspiring Baby Girl Swimsuits and Toddler Girl Swimsuits

Are you looking for Inspiring Baby Girl Swimsuits and Toddler Girl Swimsuits that are stylish, adorable and unassuming? We have the perfect style for you! Little Girl Mart Swimsuit section offers great options for swim wear.  Come on in and browse our ever growing selection.

Girls Swimwear – Great Options at Little Girl Mart.

Our baby girl swimsuits and toddler girl swimsuits are made of top quality material with modesty and design in mind. You will find a medley of prints, patterns, colors and styles that will fit her fashion needs wherever she goes. Our little girl swimsuits offer many patterns such as stripes, polka dots, mickey mouse inspired, floral, solid patterns and checkered. We also offer a variety of styles such as tie backs, adjustable arm straps, top and shorts suits, and of course many one-piece options. Our swim wear for little girls is full of color options including pastels, brights, solids, pinks, reds, blues, oranges and many other color options. The best part is we offer suits with or with out ruffles!

Inspiring-Baby-Boy-Swimsuits-and-Toddler-Boy-SwimsuitsBoys Swimwear

We are thrilled to announce boys swimwear at Little Boy Mart. Come browse our new boys swim trunks and shirt sets. Offered in two options: Orange, Blue and Green stripe and Yellow and Blue Stripe. Available in many sizes.

Girls’ Swimwear from LittleGirlMart.com

No matter where you go swimming and what fun activity you are planning for, packing for a beach trip, going to the local swimming pool, playing in the sprinklers, or going to the water park our Inspiring Baby Girl Swimsuits and Toddler Girl Swimsuits options are in stock and ready to ship today.Inspiring Baby Girl Swimsuits and Toddler Girl Swimsuits

LittleGirlMart.com has a nice variety and selection of girls’ swimwear that ranges from girly one-pieces to shirt and short sets. Featuring a variety of colors, styles, fabrics, prints, sizes and designs, it’s easy to find your little girls perfect swimsuit. With our new shopping features that will allow you to narrow down your search. Filtering by color will show you her favorite colors and patterns, while the size filter helps you find just the right size you are searching for. Searching by available sizes will  be helpful to find what will fit, whether you’re looking for baby, infant, or little and big kid swimsuits.

We have Inspiring Baby Girl Swimsuits and Toddler Girl Swimsuits and boy swimsuits that are a hit at home in the sun, at the pool, and at the beach. Being comfortable and having fun is what’s most important! No matter what fun activity they are at, such as the water park, playing at the pool, or running around at a pool party, little boys and girls swimwear from LittleGirlMart.com lets your little one focus on having fun in style!


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Cute and Trendy Pacifier Clips at Little Girl Mart

Pacifier Clips

Baby Products are ton of fun and Pacifier Clips are no exception! Let’s take a closer look and discover why pacifier clips really are popular.

Cute and Trendy Pacifier Clips

Pacifier Clips come in a large assortment of different styles, colors, materials and options. We offer fabric pacifier clips that have a clip on one side and a band on the opposite end.  Our baby pacifier clips are both practical and fashionable and all under $1.50.

You will find many prints and color options at Little Girl Mart.


Floral Print

Checkered Print

Owl Print

Polka Dot

Aztec Prints

Bandana Prints

Damask Prints

Sports Themed

4th of July

Watch for new incoming clips. Little Girl Mart adds new products that you do not want to miss.

Form and Function of Pacifier Clips

These simple gadgets are a great invention! While they are cute and trendy they have a valuable function. They help keep your babies’ pacifiers clean and close by. Many babies love to make a game out of tossing the pacifier on to the floor and just at the right time. You know, when you’re at the grocery store or in a restaurant or trying to hurry and get where you need to be going! The clip is a great way to save your back. Not to mention avoiding the zillions of who knows what creepy crawlies that can climb aboard when the paci hits the floor. Yuck!

How to Use a Pacifier Clip.Pacifier-Clips-Red-White-Blue

Follow these quick steps to get started.

1 – Guide the elastic band through the opening of the pacifier.

2 – Loop the clip through the opening and pull snug.

3 – Open the clip.

4 – Guide the clip over the article (clothing, blanket) and position the clip firmly.

5 – Push or pinch the top and bottom of the clip closed and check to make sure the clip is firmly attached.

Do you have an online business, eBay, Amazon or Etsy store? Consider selling our fabric paci clips. They are a very popular item to sell and the profits are worth your while.

If you have any questions or would like more information on bulk orders, we are here to help! You can contact us at 406-222-4853 or ask@kayboutique.com


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Children’s Wholesale Clothing and Accessories for 4th of July

Children’s Wholesale Clothing Featuring 4th of July Apparel and Accessories

Gear up for the 4th of July at Little Girl Mart. We have your little girl covered from head to toe with our Children’s Wholesale Clothing and Accessories for 4th of July.

You will find cute bloomers, bubble knickers, rompers, dresses and dress sets, leg warmers, tutus, pettiskirts, shoes, wings, wands, halo and jewelry!

4th of July Wholesale Children’s Clothing4th-Of-July-Red-White-Blue-Patriotic-Bloomers

While Little Girl Mart offers a nice selection of Children’s Wholesale Clothing and Accessories for 4th of July, let’s start with Children’s Clothing.

Baby Bloomers – Add just the right amount of festive flair! Offering Patriotic Red White and Blue Bloomers. You can choose between Cotton Baby Bloomers and Satin Baby Bloomers. All made with layers of adorable ruffles. A nice soft elastic runs through the waist and the legs for a comfortable fit. Our baby bloomers fit 6 months to 2T.

Bubble Knickers and Rompers – Shop the cutest little girls one piece outfits! Our Bubble Knickers and Rompers will be a huge hit this Fourth of July! Featuring a colorful mix of red, white and blue colors and star and stripe prints. Made of a comfortable satin and or lace stretchy material, you will appreciate the holiday whimsy these outfits have to offer!

Dresses – A fun spirited option for little girls this 4th of July Holiday. All decked out in Red, White and Blue, Stars, Stripes, Satin and Lace! Whether you plan on celebrating Independence Day at a parade, barbecue, or fireworks show, Little Girl Marts children’s wholesale dresses are sure to please your little one and adoring family members alike. We have a plethora of dress options to choose from! Here is a list of some of our styles you will find when you shop online at Little Girl Mart. For a quick search click here.

4th of July Red Lace Ruffle Dresses with Stars and or Stripes

4th of July Ruffle Romper Dresses

Satin Romper Petti Dresses

Red White and Blue Cotton Sun Dresses

Cotton Petti Dresses


Dress Sets and Romper Sets – Show your pride this 4th of July with our adorable patriotic 4th of July Romper Sets and Dress Sets! Featuring silky soft ruffles that melt into beautiful red and white lace and unique matching leg warmers, our holiday dress set  and romper sets are a cute combination of pride and fashion!  The breathable fabric will allow her to run and play as she enjoys the holiday with the morning parade, afternoon BBQ and evening fireworks.

Leg Warmers – Offering a huge selection of fashionable and trendy patriotic leg warmers for your little girl. Exclusive styles to Little Girl Mart that you will not find anywhere else. You will be thrilled to find such adorable options. One size fits all.

Tutus and Pettiskirts – Our tulle tutus and pettiskirts are perfect for holidays and special occasions. Bring bouncy skirts to new levels with their abundance of patriotic layers, making them bouncy, twirly and fun for little girls this Independence Day.

4th of July Wings, Wands, Ribbon Halo and Jewelry

Now it’s time to add accessories! Our wings, wands, ribbon halo and jewelry are made specifically for Little Girl Mart with this fun filled Holiday in mind. The Red White and Blue Patriotic Color Scheme will perfectly coordinate with your little girls holiday clothing!

Children’s Wholesale Clothing and Accessories for 4th of July Ready, Set, Go!

Now that you know Little Girl Mart is your one stop shop from head to toe for all of your little girls 4th of July clothing and accessory must haves! You can shop with confidence and excitement to know that she will absolutely love her outfit!

4th-of-july-stars-and-stripes-ruffled-lace-romper-0-2TFlower-Ribbon-HaloChunky Bubblegum Necklace Red White and Bluemarabou-butterfly-wands-red



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Stylish Kids Sunglasses for Trendy Tots

Stylish Kids Sunglasses

You will have no trouble finding kids sunglasses that your little girl will enjoy to wear. Our best kids sunglasses offer UV protection in an amazing selection of bright and colorful options. Children, just like adults are interested in a variety of styles and colors when wearing their sunglasses as a fashion accessory.

Many Styles and Colors Availablekids-sunglasses-little-girl-mart

Little Girl Mart sunglasses for kids are available in a variety of colors and styles. Our styles include aloha hibiscus, glamor, hello kitty, multi colored egg, solid, solid sporty, strawberry, and tulip. With White, Black, Pink, Hot Pink and Purple as our best selling colors. Our sunglasses encompass attractiveness and style all in one! Featuring guaranteed UV protection, our kids sunglasses are ideal for bright spring and summer days that will last all throughout the year.

UV protection Lenses

UV protection is important for your child’s eyes and the delicate skin around their eyes as well.  Kids spend many hours outdoors in direct sunlight and they need sun protection even more than adults. Some experts say we get up to 80 percent of our lifetime exposure to solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation by the time we’re 18 years old.

When choosing children’s sunglasses, be sure to choose a light weight lens and frame, make sure the lenses block the harmful sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.  Did you know that the harmful effects of UV radiation are accumulate over our lifetime? This is why it’s so important to limit exposure to UV rays during childhood. Limiting exposure to UV rays during childhood may decrease their risk of cataracts and other eye problems when they become adults.

Don’t forget the accessories!kids-sunglasses

Match our UV protection Stylish Sunglasses for Tots with any of our UV protection sun hats seen at our sister store Wholesale Girls! Have fun matching her new sunglasses with baby crochet headbands, hair clips and hair bows.

Check out Little Girl Mart’s other adorable accessories to match with her sunglasses:

~ parasol umbrella’s

~ swimsuits

~ boutique outfits

~ rompers, bubble knickers and bloomers

Have fun with Little Girl Marts Sunglasses!  Stylish Sunglasses for Trendy Tots

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