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Hi readers! 

It has been a while since Little Girl Mart has put up a blog post, but don’t worry, many more are coming your way! Today I thought it would be a good idea to write a little about us and what we do and who is behind the scenes at LGM headquarters! 

First of all, one fun fact about us is that we are located in Livingston, Montana! Yes, Montana! And no, we don’t ride our horses to work!

I am sure many of you haven’t heard of Livingston, Montana, but I bet a few more of you have heard of Yellowstone National Park. Now that we’ve got your attention, Little Girl Mart’s distribution center, founder, and small retail location are all located about 60 miles from Yellowstone National Park which in Montana travelling time, is only about an hour! Aren’t we so lucky? Feel free to come visit us on your next vacation.


Bridger Mountains


If you’d like to check out some awesome scenery in and around Livingston check out this YouTube video

Now that you know where we are shipping your items from, let’s see who has been shipping your items!



                    Kena is the glue of LGM! She is the shipping queen and customer service pro!

                   She also greets our retail customers and keeps our warehouse super organized.

Who knows where we would be without her! 




Our fearless photographer and creative mind! She is a great kid wrangler and even better kid photographer.


Jay (not pictured)

Jay is our webdesign pro! 


Katie (that’s me)


I am in charge of marketing duties and design many of our ads, and I get to do cool posts like this one. 

I also get to give away a lot of free stuff… so be nice to me.


Mark (not pictured)

Our warehouse main man!


Kaley, Syera & Melvin


Last, but definitely not least, is the family of entrepreneurs that made LGM possible!

Kaley works hard every day to bring in and design new products with the help and supervision of her daughter

(and our top model) Syera.



Melvin (not pictured) is always conned into helping us with many (sometimes girly) tasks but never complains.


We love working together and working to bring you a great assortment of boutique styles!

If you ever need to reach us, please call us, email us, or Facebook us!  

Excellent customer service where you can talk to a real-live person!

Customer Service Hours:

M-F 9am – 5pm (MST)

(406) 222- 4853

email: ask@kayboutique.com


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