Ready To Go Outfits

¬†We’ve pieced together some items from our store that we think truly belong together and are now selling them as a set! Cupid has shot his arrow and brought these items into a perfect harmony! They are truly compatible ūüėČ Cupids Cutie Set Red $10.85 Speaking of great matches, these Chevron Sets are as charming […]

Boutique Baby Shoes

Find the¬†Baby/Infant Shoe Size Chart¬†below in all of the boutique baby shoes descriptions available online through Little Girl Mart.¬†Use this measurement in our¬†baby¬†shoe¬†chart¬†to determine the¬†baby’s¬†shoe¬†size. Looking for trendy and cute when shopping for baby shoes? Check out our wide selection of boutique baby shoes available at¬†Little Girl Mart. ¬†No matter what you are looking for […]

Ask Annabelle: Preparing for February

Dear Annabelle, February is a huge month for my business! With Mardi Gras (in March), Valentine’s Day, and the Superbowl coming up so soon I’ve been trying to stock up on certain items and color schemes. Can you give me a few suggestions for each event to help ease my search stress!¬† Thank you! Sarah […]