Ready To Go Outfits

 We’ve pieced together some items from our store that we think truly belong together and are now selling them as a set!

Cupid has shot his arrow and brought these items into a perfect harmony! They are truly compatible 😉

Cupids Cutie Set Red $10.85

Speaking of great matches, these Chevron Sets are as charming and delightful as they come! From head to toe, your baby will be adored in this three piece set featuring a pair of Chevron Baby Crib Shoes, a Chevron Elastic Headband, and a Shabby Chic Rosette Clip!

Chic Chevron Shoe Set Hot Pink $3.99

Slip the Shabby Chic Clip right into the clip loop on the headband! This extra lining protects baby’s head from the metal single prong clip!chevron_sets_red

Chic Chevron Shoe Set Red $3.99

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